danielle friedman

Pianist Composer

Born in 1991 and raised in Israel, Danielle began learning classical music at the age of 6, and very soon started simultaneously exploring the world of popular music. 

Her fascination and love for improvisation led her to the world of jazz. 

In 2010 Danielle started her studies at The Israeli conservatory (CJS) in a collaborative program with The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, where she studied with Israel’s finest musicians and educators, among them Yuval Cohen, Anat Fort, Rea Barness and Tal Haim Samnon. 

During these years Danielle have experienced and worked with many ensembles, ranging in style and size - from small jazz ensembles and big band, to Arabic music, French Chansons and rock-pop. She played in various venues around the country - from jazz clubs (Levontin 7, Shablul, Ha'ezor), to festivals (Layla Lavan, Festival Carmi'el) and special governmental events.

After receiving a full scholarship to The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, she relocated to New York City during the summer of 2014.                                         In the course of her time at The New School she studied and learned from notable teachers and musicians, among them are Sam Yahell, Benita Meshulam, Steve Cardenas and Cecil Bridgewater. 

Danielle started an on-going collaboration with the distinctive disciplines of visuals and dance, to explore the ways of communicating through and with different artistic languages. All the while she composed and started performing around New York with her group.                    In May 2016 Danielle received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree with honors from The New School.                          

These days Danielle is performing with her own ventures D&DF&P (a free improvisation duo of piano and dance), and Danielle Friedman Trio (currently working on their first album), while composing for and playing with different projects.

“To me, music is very colorful and even visual, and I strive to communicate my way of experiencing music to the listener”

Combining elements from various genres, most notably from classical and jazz, pianist and composer Danielle Friedman uses these musical worlds to color her music and convey her own sound. 

Illustration by Roy Rachamim